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Ang "Pala-lagaw" is an Ilonggo term. It doesn't have an equivalent English word. But it can be roughly described as someone who moves a lot or someone who can't stay at one place.

Hence this is how I describe myself. I'm more like a nomad gypsy. I feel like a tourist even in my hometown. I'm most happy when I am on the road, intent on reaching a goal or a destination, and seeing with my own eyes the wonders of this world.

A daring explorer who wants to try everything related to outdoors. In my blogs, you'll find me surfing, diving and snorkeling, spelunking, climbing a mountain or simply dare to go back packing on a limited budget.

I'm a corporate junkie working in Makati City. Amateur photo enthusiast and traveler/explorer on weekends, discovering beautiful places around the Philippines and sharing back packing trips and travel stories through my travel blog.

I am continuously learning through photography, my exploits and the things I stumble with it, some of my greatest shots perhaps, tips on post processing and how I came upon those photos are shared in my photo blog

These 2 blogs serves as my photography portfolio. My learning curves are obvious going through the oldest of me post through the latest ones. And I'm very much open to criticism if that is something that would help me improve.

Travelling had always been something about me.
The decision to document it resulted in these blogs:

I am always in search of a new adventure.
I am "Ang Pala-lagaw" I have no place to call on my home.
Perhaps I'm happier with this. Being at home on the road.
Ang Pala-lagaw... Your Pinoy Traveler.

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