13 November 2011

Team Echo

It's no secret that I work in a call center. I like the job, and it pays well over as compared to regular day jobs even in Makati. My team lead for over a year now had recently resigned, I guess a change of environment would do him good after working 8 years in the company. For a call center, 8 years means that you've made a very solid foundation. I was tasked to secretly create a tribute for him, something I was eager to do being that he's one of my beloved Superviser. The team will be left shaky, coming from a team of hard headed tenured brats like us, well probably make light of it.. But a huge gap will be left empty, and for you my TL, I'll surely miss you. Well, aside from the fact that we have one of the hottest Sup around, he sure knows his way around everyone. I'm the only photographer in the Team and also the sub Team Lead, what can I do best but create a photo collage for him. I'm not a fan of Photo Mosaic but I had to do something that would show lots of accompanying pictures on it. Had no other decent pictures of him, so even if he looks like a beer model in here, I just went on ahead with it.

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