30 June 2013

Portrait Model Shoot | Ria Delos Santos

Ria was doing the push the wall pose, with her nose towards the key light and eyes looking down.

Portrait Model Shoot | Ria Delos Santos
The Portrait Seminar with Sykes Photo Club

It was a bittersweet event for me but I had no regret at all. I was supposed to take part in an Outreach Climb at Bokod Benguet with Sykes Outdoor, but I can't join since I didn't get the desired work leave during the departure time. Taking the alternative for an invitation to a Photography Seminar "The Portrait" by Sykes Photo Club was a good respite for my downcast spirit on this uneventful weekend. The Sykes Photo Club had shape the way I take photographs, starting from scratch, that after attending a Basic Photography Workshop with them, my blogs photos took a great change and I was able to develop my own brand of photography.

The touch your face pose with kicker light at the back of the Ria.

Content with outdoor photography, I was always afraid to take portraits of people, taking a brave spin towards Lifestyle Photography where you shoot on events is even more scary for me. So it was about time I learn the basics, differentiating the editorial, lifestyle and environment portraits. Understanding the sort of light that would work for subject; male or female, taking advantage of the long and short lights, the key lights and the background lights, kicker lights, fill lights that attributes to a great portrait.

There were a lot of things I had to undo while I sat in the board room of Sykes for a few hours. A lot of misconceptions had been answered like processing the photos. One thing is for sure, we were taught to take a good shot, and make our photos as realistic as we can, without much photo editing involved we can take a great portrait as long as we invest a little effort in establishing the lights to illuminate the subject. I learned better from people who actually do it, no skin softening tricks that Digicam or Instagram does, only the tips on capturing a sharp image directly from the camera, how important is the right exposure, the poses that is useful for either male or female subjects, and how to direct them.

Ria leaning on the wall, eyes towards the camera and nose facing the key light.

Ria leaning in the wall with eyes towards the key light.

Looking at these photos, one might think it was shot in a studio when in fact, it was just the same board room where we had the Seminar in Worldwide Corporate Center (WCC) in Shaw Blvd, it was also broadcast live with our friends in Sykes Cebu. We made use of the equipment that everyone shared, and that one needs to have if interested in delving into photography business. Here I used what I learned during the seminar, the kinds of poses we asked of Ria Delos Santos, our female model. I was really fun to put a name on the poses, model poses that I would like to try with friends and incoming clients for photography gigs.

Unfortunately, our male model wasn't able to come around, so I didn't get to practice taking portrait of a male subject. But Ria proved to be so much more than what I can handle, she was professional in taking direction with a lot of photographers taking her picture at once. Considering the number of poses that we asked from her, its won't be surprising if she ended with a some muscles pains for being in a position for a length of time. There was no denying that she was a model through and through, being multi faceted, she only had to do little change, show or hide some angles in her face and you'll see a different look altogether. It made all my colleagues excited all throughout the shoot as Ria delivered frame after frame of really good shots. Now I can't wait to have another model shoot, who wants to model for me?

Finally we made her sit in a chair, as it was tiring to stand for too long. Here Ria is facing the key light touching her face with a blue gel fill light in her hair.

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  1. I love the last shot. It looks so fierce. Ang galing din ng model na magproject. :)

  2. Good shot! Galing mag-pose ng model and she is gorgeous, exotic ang beauty.