03 September 2014

Costume Parade | Lucifera And Babaeng Tuod Of Darna

Costume Parade | Lucifera And Babaeng Tuod Of "Darna"
Costume Portraits

Jabee is one of those conservative Team Leads I know, so it came as a surprise to me that she had doned this costume with gusto. There are about 20 costumes paraded for this event, but I'm only blogging about my favorites and this is one of them.

The materials used to create this look is surprisingly ingenius. Crumpled and rolled newspapers, tied together by glue gun and painted over, the twigs are the one's you can buy in a native store used for Christmass Tree bush. Jabee has natural pale and creamy skin, she was actually hard to focus in the camera so photographing her was a challenge. Her make up needs some some correction to achieve a better look, but the costume alone made it a stand out.

Actress Francine Prieto as Lucifera and Babaeng Tuod,
one of the infamous Super Villain in "Darna."
Photo Credit: GMA Network

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