10 May 2013

A Night In A Dark Pool | Portrait Photos

A Night In A Dark Pool
On The Spot Portrait Photos With Friends

It was an intimate night swimming party with friends. There we are, on the clubhouse of some Subdivision Village in Dasma Cavite, enjoying the pool all to ourselves. It was fun except that we were provided just one lamppost to light us in our rendezvous. Looking at how ample the light was, I played with it, and it's always nice if you have friends who like sharing the fun.

The one niche in photography that I am not comfortable or insecure to tackle is portrait. Probably one reason why I avoid request for prenuptial photo ops or family photos from people I barely know. The Photographer and model has that certain spark of relationship between them to make a photo work, and most of the pressure is coming from the Photographer himself. So if I can't take some time talking to the people that I will photograph, then I'd rather not do it.

There are a lot of endearing about taking one's portrait. It's easy to ask your model to pose for you, smile, scrunch like a model does, but its caricature if it looks forced. A couple who loves each other can look estranged in a photo if there aren't as comfortable as they are. To some, it's capturing the light inside a person, not just the light that a camera captures an it all comes down to having that moment to enjoy. I personally like capturing characteristics I've never seen from a person before, moments of vulnerability, the expressions of the eyes, certain body languages, intense emotion or the lack of it.

Maybe from now on, you'll see me create more of portraits and model shoots. These fun photos are easy to achieve, simply put sulphur light into a darkened room, observe how it creates shadows in the skin, shoot, shoot the photo in many different angles. Its a good practice to understand how light and shadows play a vital role in  photography. As for me, these photos are accompanied with happy memories, of friends having fun together while enjoying the night, swimming in a single lighted pool.

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  1. Well done Fam! I am really proud of you... And thanks for posting my picture haha.