09 May 2013

Sunset Photos From Puerto Galera

Golden Hour Sunset Photos From Puerto Galera

The White Beach is crowded; I've never seen this place saturated with this much guest. But then I've never been here at the height of summer. Finding an ideal spot to mount my tripod was a challenge alone, so as much as I wanted to avoid incorporating silhouette's and people in my frame, my intent was really to simply capture the Sunset as it rapidly descends. Zoooming in at 55mm with my kitlens, I still got some, but only on handheld shots and not much of foreground. Good thing the sky was a brilliant array of colors; otherwise I would not share these photos.

There is that moment that I decided to let it go and enjoy the last of the sun as me and my friends await the weekend beach party of Puerto Galera. So these are really just a few of the frames I managed to squeeze through from our session of beer drinking and sunset viewing. It feels like I didn't give justice to it, it was quick, like literally watching that beautiful orange sphere of the Sun as it moves down and below the line of the horizon. Yet another beautiful moment I'll remember by when I look at these photos.

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  1. So this is what they call the golden hour! well then.. I was very fortunate to have captured the same beauty too, back when I also lounged by the shores of Puerto Galera. :) Do you think Puerto Galera is still worth visiting? Because back in 2008, it was really getting too small for everybody to enjoy.

  2. those shots! super amazing! I guess Even I practise a lot I wont get kht tsamba shot lng haha. Unless I get serious about it . this is incredible! Good Job!