09 November 2013

Halloween Costume Party Portraits

PARTY PORTRAITS | Halloween Costume Party
Costume Portraits

Halloween for most Filipinos isn’t about all night parties, scary antics or costume plays (CosPlay). To its core, it’s a celebration of Life for those who have already passed on. Being largely an Asian Catholic Country, we celebrate All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day in prayers, contemplation and visiting graves of departed loved ones.

Our party ensemble in a tableau.

It can’t be helped though that these holidays’ falls on School’s semester breaks, every students are out and expected to participate. This is at least how I grew up, without trick or treats or late night frenzied parties donning mask and menagerie of costumes, at least until I’ve started living in Metro Manila. A world city, for years since I’ve worked here, Halloween celebration has become one of those holiday’s where you can wear whatever costumes you’d like to be, a time in the year where the borders between genders can be crossed and everyone has the perfect excuse to be Androgynous.

Well enough of my ramblings, I bet everyone has an idea of their own Halloween parties. This series of photographic blog post is merely a feature of the party me and my friends had organized on the weekend after the holidays itself.

Costume parties are nothing if the party invitees will not make an effort on what they can wear. And as you can see in the incoming photos, I’ll be featuring portraits per character and write a little background of the persona behind these awesome friends, partners or duo’s.
Come in our own look, unplanned costumes and on the spot photo shoot makes this set a buzz of confusion so please take each photo as they are meant to be, without cohesiveness and relation to another. Hope you will all like this Halloween Costume Series all taken one night, in a Halloween Costume party.

Scare of The Bloody Zombie

The Temptation of Artem

Vengeful Angel in Battle

Swords of Justice

Angel's defeat

Choose your Shinigami

Wicked Witch and her Huntsman.. err Apple eater

The Crying Death God

Meet the Party Show Characters

The Wicked Witch
Darna, on the aftermath of Disaster
The Vengeful Angel
The Grecian Goddess
- Notable Characters

NOTE: The blogpost for the characters are still in drafts, so the links are not yet available.

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