09 November 2013

Post Halloween Portraits | Androgynous Black Swan

 PARTY PORTRAITS | Androgynous Black Swan
Costume Portraits

In contrast to his vibrant personality and loud voice (Sorry Ric but its true), donning the fa├žade of The Black Swan is perfect for him. With a body built that of a ballerina, slim, flat chest, and even with the way Ric unconciously moves even without the ballerina dress. Ric is the prim and proper, always the one who sits up straight you’d think he’s doing it consciously but without an ounce of effort. Check these out, the Androgynous Black Swan.

Personally I have to laud Ric for having the confidence to wear and be the night’s graceful ballerina. This black swan outfit was inspired by the Psychological Movie of the same name starred by Natalie Portman and Directed by Darren Aronofsky. Although he didn’t prance around on tip toe, but rather cat walked in a wedge, it sure gave the illusion that he is standing on the tip of his toes. All that is left is to move around with the grace and posture of a true ballerina which fortunately Ric has in abundance. He was fun to photograph.

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NOTE: The blogpost for the characters are still in drafts, so the links are not yet available.

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