08 June 2014

Beach Photo Shoot | Angel On The Rocks

Angel On The Rocks
Beach Photo Shoot In Cuevang Lampas

This year’s summer is too dry and too hot for comfort. The best beaches in the country that I long to visit at this time of year is just out of the budget and a little too far for an overnight trip. Calaguas in Camarines Norte takes a lot of energy to get past that nerve wracking boat ride, the same for Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental, the beaches of Laiya in San Juan Batangas takes a ton of time for easy road trip, and Boracay Island in Aklan is too far since you would need to catch a plane. Hence when one of my backpacker friends started planning a weekend trip to this white sand beach cove in Pagbilao Quezon, the perfect opportunity came to me finally. 

I have to admit on being guilty in having too many photos taken when I’m on a beach trip. Who wouldn’t really? For a young professional, work continues the whole year round. If I think about it, it’s the basic requirement to becoming a contributing adult in this country; you have to work during the best days of your youth. You can’t really blame call center agents like me taking Team Building to somewhere far flung, we try to elicit as much fun in our busy lives as possible, we’re the weekend travel warriors after all. This trip to Cuevang Lampas a secluded cove in the coastal fringes of Pagbilao, Quezon is no exception. As for me, I joined someone else’s team building trip to get a bit of outdoor fun before this 2014 summer is over. I’ve regularly went to gym for workout for almost half of this year. I had to save money, and it means I need to travel less. If I do travel though, I have to make sure I don’t spend too much, so this back packing overnight beach trip was really just what I needed to relieved the stress of working too long in an office.

We had planned to do a little photo shoot on the beach, with some of my office mates to model for me, but mishap happened days before the trip; I can’t bring my camera. The idea was scratched out, and we decided to enjoy the beach as much as we could, with only my Canon Travel Zoom camera to document it. It was a downer, as I am used to traveling with my camera as my constant companion.
One of the organizers likes to have her photos wearing wings taken whenever she goes on a beach trip. The angel fantasy of hers, it’s just a small, lightweight feather wings that she brought all along. There is nothing wrong with fulfilling a fantasy of being an angel, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist to take. So on the morning of our 2nd day, I borrowed the costume and went into the rocky side of the cove illuminated by sunlight. It took a lot of ounce of confidence for me to wear the wings, amidst the curious onlookers who had probably never seen a photo shoot before.

These photos were shot with Canon SX170 IS Travel Zoom, no makeup done, and with only my white gym shorts that I wore for this swimming trip to complete the ensemble. The photos would have been nothing without the person behind the camera, so thanks to my friend Chaz the blogger behind Sugar, Spice, Not Everything’s Nice who shot the photos. An artist through and through, he’s my mentor when it comes to model poses, I would have been lost with poses it weren't for him.

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