10 June 2014

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Up Close With Randolph

There had been a few times were some of my friends would request that I take their pictures, as always I would gladly indulge especially on clients that I think would be an interesting subject. I had been friends with Randolph or Ralph for several years now; he is an amazing and enigmatic character to boost. And it would take skill to capture that in a photo. He was my photographer before I started into photography, so I am really curios if my current skill would be at par for him.

One weekend, we had planned to visit the home of his parents in Greenwoods Dasmarinas Cavite. Our gang of friends had been here for a few weekends already when we feel the need to get away from the Metro and just spend some time hanging around with each other, that is to say Ralph is our generous host.

The parks and neighborhood of Greenwoods had been a location for quite a number of our photo shoots sessions. We were a team after all, few years back when I still haven’t bought my first DSLR camera, Ralph was the photographer, and of course I modeled for him back then. This was more like returning a favor, as he asked me to take his photos.

Ralph is the guy next door type who basically prefers Jeans and Shirts; he’s also one of the esteemed English Coach in the BPO Company I work for which is Sykes Asia, so you have to understand my need to make this post as grammar error less as possible or I would be in trouble. Like many young professionals who transitioned from being a very active student, he gained weight when he started working; the sedentary work showed its toll on him just like many young professionals I know. To compensate, he went on a regular work out with Fitness First and is very proud of what he had achieved physically. In this photo shoot, I understand his need to show off, as I do so a lot of times.
I would’ve have wanted to take this photo shoot much further, shooting photos of my subject in their underwear, unfortunately, as a fellow photographer with a very strong opinion, Ralph is not yet confident to go that far, but he gladly took his shirt off for a few private photos that I can’t share in here. Ralph is my client for this which means I had to follow his wishes, and an intimate set of photos would suffice. Well, it was easy so to speak; Ralph had natural clear skin, big soulful eyes and an adorable character. After all, this is what this photo shoot is for, to have the pictures speak for themselves. 

Location: Greenwoods, Dasmarinas, Cavite.
HMUA: Chaz Zenith
Model: Randolph Co
Photographer: Francis Balgos

Francis Balgos is a Call Center Agent, Weekend Travel Warrior, Amateur Spelunker, Sometime Surfer, Newbie Mountain Climber, Photography Enthusiast, Certified Beach Bum, A first born son, Faithful lover, True Explorer...

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