05 June 2014

Lourence And Blessie | Heaven Sent

Lourence And Blessie
Heaven Sent
Short Pre Nuptial Shoot

A month before her wedding, I went home to find my Sister, busy with all the preparations and rigors of her own wedding. It was to my surprise that she didn't hire any photographers, pre nuptial, wedding and post nuptial photos, she was expecting me to take over about it. While I was flattered that she would trust me with this very important phase in her life, there is very little time for me to prepare for what it actually needs to prepare for a Prenup photo shoot. Truth be told, a lot has to be done in the preparations alone, and this I didn't have the luxury to think over since her wedding will be in a months time. I only have a week long vacation, and will be back during the wedding itself.

Dropping all planning and just going with a simple intimate photo taking in a park near our home, I asked them to be ready one afternoon during the golden hour. It was a good thing that I am personally acquainted with the couple but still it was a challenge to get them to relax in front of the camera. I only needed a few shots for their multimedia presentation, the Social Media teasers and of course their very own intimate portraits before they finally tie the knot. 

As a young Policeman, my soon to be brother in law is awkwardly stiff and shy with the attention he's getting. Its a good thing that they have 10 years of being in a relationship in their belt, I know them both at heart. My sister is a natural photogenic, she has that air of confidence about her of a woman that is appreciated and loved.

Dropping all other preparations, the only thing I ask is for them to wear make up and color matching clothes. Since purple is the weddings motifs, my sister has a lot in her arsenal. My brother in law though just came as he is, and it was a challenge even just to ask him to wear loose powder on his face, but thankfully he did. They have a palpable chemistry with them that it didn't take much of a challenge to photograph them at all. These are but a few of the photos I've taken for them, I would have planned more, outdoors and perhaps in full couture if I would have my way. My sister only wanted something simple but intimate, and in that I was successful.

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