09 November 2013

Post Halloween Portraits | The Wicked Witch

PARTY PORTRAITS | The Wicked Witch
Costume Portraits

Mama V has a natural scary glare, and even when she’s smiling you’d feel that something scary and wicked is going in her mind. Without knowing her loving nature and embracing warmth, you’d be scared to approach her.

Love that Sinister smile. Something Wicked has come to town.
With her generous gift of influence, she was the one who planned and organized this party, and the short list of invitees whom are mostly are referred as her minions including myself, we call her Mama V. She wasn’t able to prepare her own costume, what with the food preparation and provision for the party, but as her own son pointed out, she can just wear any dark garments and make up, throw her hair wild and she’ll be an instant scare.

With her Beau JB who was our gracious host for this party, his Bachelors Abode is the perfect set up for this weekend rendezvous. No Halloween scary decorations, just the right lights and a place to crash for the night. We didn't really the bed anyway as party was until morning.

The Exorcism of Veronica

The Crying Death God

The Witch's Apple

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