07 June 2014

Post Halloween Portraits | The Grecian Goddess

Party Portraits | The Grecian Goddess
Costume Portraits

Without time to prepare, I asked the help of my friend Chaz for a costume I can wear. I initially intended to come as a Viking warrior or Machete, but since I just came from a Food Tour in Baguio where I had a weekend to binge on gourmet food; I ate a lot and had temporarily stopped my gym work out. So the idea was scratched, least I make myself look ridiculous. I had nothing to wear, when Chaz said that he’s got an extra scrap sheet of red jersey from his Darna costume, it was the last resort. To come out, wearing drapes in an improvised gown. I had worn improvised gowns before, just for fun on parties similar to this one, matched with Bob wig in red highlights, my white strap gladiator sandals. The ensemble was just enough without the blings, olive shaped metals for headdress to complete a Grecian accessory. I became the underdressed Grecian God, androgynous; I just have to make up for the presentation.

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