07 June 2014

Post Halloween Portraits | Darna, On The Aftermath Of Disaster

PARTY PORTRAITS | Darna, On The Aftermath Of Disaster
Costume Portraits
The talented and resourceful Chaz has a collection of costumes prepared for a few occasions for a few friends who requested them as needed. The Darna costume he made for an office event, as it was when it came time for it to be paraded; everyone ogled at its ingenuity. The head piece, the two piece undergarment and even the body stockings are handmade, now surely that is an effort as he did his own make up. Overkill, if I think about it, the hair wig is the only thing that came readily brought from a store. This is just flare, raw and unadulterated talent, combined with confidence, he wore the Darna costume not minding the cat calls and what would everyone think of his body.

We joked about it, his looks I mean. It’s the reason why I called this the aftermath of Disaster, we decided for an epilogue were Darna had married and became this loved woman, a plain housewife who had lost herself in the rigors of real life and gained weight in the process. We imagined Darna to end up like this, with a happy but ridiculous adieu for a very impressive heroine.

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