03 September 2014

Costume Parade | Amihan of Engcantadia

Costume Parade | Amihan of Engcantadia
Costume Portraits

Inspired by Dieties, Elementals and Enchanted beings the "Engcantadia" TV Show became the grandest and most ambitious TV Production on its time in Philippine TV. A lot of characters were drawn out, and Amihan was one of the Four Sanggre's that were present almost all throughout the show as the Guardian of the Jewel of Air.

Having created costumes and knowing the level of difficulty and creativity needed to achieve this particular look made this one of my favorites in the parade. And I guess if one is to were a costume as detailed and very well made as this one, you would parade it with confidence like Heidi did.

Taking a closer look, the rubber mats were already difficult to cut alone, the intricate details in the texture was achieved with glue guns and spray painted by silver all over. If I have my own say on this, the complex work done and level of creativity, this is a winner.

The Beautiful Iza Calzado as the guardian of Jewel of Air (Brilliante ng Hangin) 
of Engcantadia in the photo below.
Photo Credit: GMA Network

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