29 April 2013

Photos Of Full Moon Luna

Photos Of Full Moon Luna
Looking Up At Our Mistress In The Night Sky
A Perigree Full Moon also known as Supermoon graced the lunar sky of May 6, 2012 for Asia. It was fun anticipating the Phenomena, though at a normal eye we can't tell the difference, it was nice to know that our Moon Luna, is at its biggest and brightest on this night.

The Supermoon phenomena happens yearly, when the moon is closest to the earth on its orbit. While the moons monthly full moon cycle have different names given to them, they don't all apply to us in Asia that lives in the tropics, as is the names are based on season's that we dont really experience. In this year 2013, June thunder moon will be the Perigree full moon, while the apogee full moon or the moon at its smallest will be December's Long Night Moon. The difference can't be easily seen by human eyes. But its good to know the facts while looking up at our mistress in the sky.

There's only but a handful of occasions where I photograph the moon, but as always it is an exciting adventure whose result I can't predict untill I sit down in my computer and check the photos that came along. Though full moon happens every month, I don't always have the luxury to photograph them because I work at night. So it is always by luck when I get to enjoy the sight of Luna on a weekend, not only that, having a cloudy night sky makes the photos captured more dramatic and surreal. These photos were taken from the window of my apartment here in Makati City, the pictures aren't as good as I wanted them to be. The lights surrounding the moon is not as saturated, I have to blame it to the heavy smog the envelops this urbanised city, like an undesirable matter, smog takes away brilliant colors of light, making them dull and grey. One can't photograph starry starry night in this city, and that is something I have to contend with.

Using my only telephoto lens, it's difficult to incorporate views from my location as a foreground. I have to get to  higher location for that. From time to time, the moon gets hidden in a heavy blanket of clouds while it soars higher up at every minute. It was time consuming just to adjust my tripod, and remove any vibrations from the camera. I just can't shake them all off, my close up photo of the moon showing its surface weren't as sharp as I wanted it to be. But just loooking at the night sky, makes me realise that what I'm doing is crazy, my neighbors who can see me from the window, crouching in front of my tripod would think me lunatic. Ironic, that the very root word of Lunatic is the name of the moon I'm photographing. Still, these photos aren't living to my expectations but they work well enough for me. Hope that you can enjoy them.

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  1. When reading a post like this I recall my brother who was so deeply in love with sky and its totality. I love full moon though I couldn't appreciate much because I didn't have any telescope or telephoto lens. Great that you have!

  2. Seeing your full moon photos makes me imagine about creatures that I always see in horror movies. But on the other side I see a beautiful shining moon in darkness.